The Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Mountain bike knee pads

People in love with the beauty of the natural world have different ways of showing their appreciation for it. Some would participate in nature campaigns or clean-up drives, while others will discover different spots such as seas, rivers, forests and even mountains. Witnessing the scenic beauty of nature is really worth it, but visiting places such as mountains using bikes is risky for a lot of reasons as well. Undisturbed, natural and rocky mountain biking trails are definitely not polished as our concrete and asphalted roads, which is why we should be mindful of our personal safety as well. One suitable protective gear that a mountain biker would need to possess is a pair of knee pads. A number of great knee pads are available on the market and the two best mountain bike knee pads are listed below:

Top Rated Mountain Bike Knee Pads

IXS Flow Knee Pads

This lightweight and wholly breathable knee pads are perfect for a developed riding style. Not only are these knee pads stretchable and tear resistant, these are also specialized with an integrated horse shoe formed pad and a silicone gripper that prevents it from sliding and aids in spreading a certain impact force. Unlike other knee pads that only assure skin protection, IXS Flow Knee has impressive features relating to high impact absorption, which protects not only your skin but also your patella. Additionally, the mesh of the IXS Flow Knee Pads supports proper ventilation while maintaining ease while pedaling. You also have four sizes (S-XL) to choose from, in gray and black colors, to suit your preference. These knee pads undoubtedly promise comfortable downhill or aggressive trail riding! Its price at about €70 is really worth it if you’re considering comfort, perfect fit, ventilation and advanced protection!

Dainese Trail Skin Knee Guard

Very much like the former brand, Dainese Trail Skin 2 Knee Pads are also lightweight and breathable at the same price. The knee pads employ the Pro Armor protection that allows dispersion of impact energy while maintaining ventilation which plastic knee cups do not offer. The protection is designed to be pro-bent to go well with your pedaling position. Its simple knee fastening system of straps and elastic bands assures comfort without the need to bother about keeping it in place. It also has a temperature adjustment system and a supporting system, including a soft biaxial elasticized fabric. Going for mud, rocks and foliage has never been so safely exciting without these knee pads. Bombing down hills can now be done safely with these protective knee pads that also promise professional guarding and incomparable comfort!

Even with abundant knee pad models to choose from today, these two can truly be labeled as the best mountain bike knee pads. They offer expert designs that prioritize not just comfort but more importantly, protection. With these knee pads, conquering challenging trails on hills and mountains is going to be safer and more enjoyable. Once you try mountain biking, you will surely want to spend more time in the mountains pedaling to the top. The next time you go biking in the mountains, make sure you have with you at least one protective and comfortable pair of the best mountain bike knee pads in the list.