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Trip Report June 15th Third Sunday of the Month Ride:
This was a great ride for those who like the wind. The National Weather Service recorded south-southwesterly winds at speeds near 15mph between the time we hit the road (about 10AM) and when the last rider returned to Richland (about 3PM).  The big challenge was cranking up Bombing Range, into the wind, but all riders made it to the top. The only stopper was when the group watched Dave fix a flat tire about half way up.

For those who survived Bombing Range, it was a headwind into Benton City. But then things changed, as the southerly winds turned from headwinds into tailwinds, with the result that a little cranking in big gears made it easy to push bike speeds up to 20 mph all the way north to the Hanford Reservation and then up to the Wye Barricade.

Of course, coming back into Richland and into the wind from the Barricade was interesting. The best thing that could be said about this stretch was that it was good training exercise!

'Third Sunday of the Month Ride', for March 16, 2014

The National Weather Service reported steady winds of 20 mph with gusts of 30mph during our second ‘Third Sunday of the Month’ local ride. Despite these conditions, four TCBC riders made their way from the Richland Community Center, out to the Cable Bridge and returned through Columbia Park.  The winds were from the south and most of the ride was east-west so riding across the Cable Bridge from Pasco to Kennewick was quite interesting.

A surprising amount of wildlife was seen for such a windy day. As the group headed east we saw Lesser Scaup, Goldeneyes and Buffleheads along the Pasco side of the Columbia River. One Horned Grebe was seen near Bateman Island and five deer were seen scampering away from the bike path along the Yakima River Bridge as riders made their way back to the Community Center.  All in all, it was a windy but fun ride.